Commonwealth Court Affirms for BCC Client

After winning at the trial court level, BCC attorneys Katherine Wrenshall and Alexandra Farone secured an appellate court victory for a code inspector client in a case involving a malicious prosecution claim. The suit was filed in Venango County in 2014 against Cranberry Township’s designated building code official. The Commonwealth Court affirmed the June 2017 order of the Court of Common Pleas of Venango County holding that the code inspector and his consulting business was immune from suit pursuant to the Tort Claims Act. As the designated building code official, the inspector performed various no-fee tasks on behalf of Cranberry Township which made him a non-traditional employee entitled to immunity. 

Burke Cromer Cremonese attorneys Katherine Wrenshall and Alexandra Farone drafted the Brief for Appellee, which Ms. Wrenshall argued on February 5, 2018, before a panel consisting of Judges Jubelirer, Cannon, and Colins.   

Read the Commonwealth Court’s opinion here .