Mission Statement

Burke Cromer Cremonese understands the time-honored principle that the client’s interest is paramount. As our client, BCC will collaborate with you as members of your team. At the outset of every new legal matter, we work with clients to understand their interests and overall goals. With this focus, BCC contributes bold ideas about legal strategy and efficiency, commitment to advancing your interests and achieving your goals, and creativity in solving your problems.

After formulating the legal strategy designed to efficiently achieve our client’s goals, BCC confidently implements the legal strategy, mindful that the legal process is fluid. Therefore, we encourage open lines of communication to reevaluate tactics and fortify our plan. Our collaborative process enables us to effectively negotiate or litigate successful outcomes for our clients. BCC understands that not every problem can be resolved short of a trial and has passionate trial lawyers who remain bold, committed and creative in advancing our clients’ interests.

At Burke Cromer Cremonese, our goal is your success. We measure our success by your satisfaction.